Proximity Marketing: Interactive Window

clip_image001The interactive display is a technology focused high-profile applications that implements a number of hardware and software. Imagine an interactive display is intuitively very simple: it basically is make the window of any shop “touch” or touch screen. The loop will have the opportunity to interact with the screen at any time of day or night and shop and see the goods available without having to enter and occupy the time of store personnel or wait your turn himself if the staff were employed.

The user can finish his acquistom maybe leaving a telephone number or email address or cease to apply if you do not find what satisfies him

clip_image002Other ways to use the interactive window are internal. The customer can view the store such as all the clothing available and understand how they would once worn by configuring a virtual mannequin with its physical characteristics.

An archaic form of this kind of instrument is the distributor of cigarettes that is often installed next to the tobacconist. This clearly has very limited mechanical capabilities, but may in effect be considered the progenitor of the interactive display.

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