Nordstrom installs Kinect sensor for interactive window display

At Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle (500 Pine St.), passersby are encouraged, “please do touch the glass.” That’s because hidden inside a certain window display is a Kinect sensor for Xbox 360, a computer and a projector that combine to allow people to draw on the back wall with light.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you’d better hurry up: The display will only be up through April 11, Microsoft’s Steve Clayton wrote.

He also pointed out that, naturally, the display is in the window right by the Mary Gates plaque.

“Our brilliant Interactive Development, Visual Merchandising and Operations Teams put their heads together and brought light writing with light to life,” Nordstrom wrote in a blog post. “With the help of Kinect’s infrared technology and their technical genius, our teams created a seamlessly interactive display that anyone can ‘paint’ on with using just the motion of their hands in front of the glass.”

Here’s a video of the display in action:

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